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Wisconsin Things

At Advantage Research we have been proudly serving our clients’ needs since 1992. While we’ve done work all over the globe for all kinds of organizations, we are proud to be from Germantown, Wisconsin. We’ve had a chuckle over a few ‘Wisconsin things’ from 30 years of doing business:

  • Yooper and Canadian accents are seriously hilarious to imitate, but to the rest of the country, ol’ Wisconsinites sound indistinguishable from them!

  • It’s not a Bloody Mary unless it’s served with at least three food groups on top, and it better have a Miller High Life to chase it with.

  • “Up North” is not a specific location—anywhere north of where you are now counts!

  • An Old Fashioned can be made one of two ways: with brandy, or incorrectly.

  • You are just as likely to find excellent fish fry at a church as you are at a restaurant.

  • Don’t buy a boat, make friends with someone who has one. The two best days of a person’s life are the day they buy a boat, and the day they sell it!

  • A more reliable forecast than your local weatherman? Just two seasons: winter, and construction!

  • Isn’t it astounding that nowhere else on the globe do people know what a ‘bubbler’ is?

  • Everybody in Wisconsin also knows what a brat fry is. Sometimes it doesn’t even involve brats, and it never involves frying.

  • If you reach out to someone on the opening day of deer season, be prepared to not hear anything back for a few days.

When you’re ready to start your next research project, reach out to Advantage Research to start the conversation—you betcha!


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