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We Need to Become Order Bringers

Our culture needs order bringers. Every day a new company is founded. Every day thousands of new products are released, adding to the billions (perhaps trillions?) of products already in existence, all being actively marketed. Every day the advertising shouting match intensifies. Every day average consumers enjoy less ownership of their own minds.

Order bringers do not add to this mess. They subtract. How? Not by destroying, but by building systems that result in a net negative amount of complexity, allowing tangled and outdated systems to be forgotten. This means consolidating pathways to reduce interdependency. This means cultivating functional redundancy while eliminating what is unmanageable. This calls for patient and careful analysis.

In the chaos of this moment, we need leaders who live simply, think clearly, and act decisively. We need to become those leaders. Rarely in history has the need been more apparent, and never before has the opportunity been scalable.

Market incentives have become aligned with the imperative for individual authenticity. Among the attributes to be rewarded are patience, alertness, calm, personal facility, diversity of skill, tolerance of unpredictability, tolerance of setbacks, tolerance of silence.

The proper import of the technological revolution we have undergone in the last 30 years has been largely overlooked, and technology capable of ushering our species into immortality has predominantly been leveraged to multiply garbage.

The circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic afforded me the time and space to see this clearly, and in that, I know I’m not alone.


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