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Updating Advantage Research: Where and How We Work

In the world of Silicon Valley startups and independent creative professionals, the role that physical space plays in conditioning one’s work mentality has been a hot topic for some time. To this end, our company recently moved into a renovated 19th century home on Fond du Lac Avenue in Germantown, and thus far, it’s true what they say. The new office has not only changed where we work, but enhanced the way we work.

The physical constraints of space seem to act as a projection of our minds’ perimeters. This is true not only in terms of size and dimension, but of style and design as well. For instance, working in a building that was once a home has no doubt lowered the social stakes in subtle and interesting ways. The mood is lighter, laughter comes easier, everyone feels more comfortable. We are freer to explore ideas and opportunities without the looming authority suggested by cube walls and banks of unforgiving lights.

In addition to the feeling of freedom fostered by a comfortable work environment, there is a greater willingness to be at work longer. It feels like home, after all.

This transition has been timed along with a shift in our industry at large. Never before has creativity been so great an asset to market researchers. From sampling strategy to information visualization, opportunities to move beyond outdated methods abound. Our clients benefit from the creativity fostered by our new office in the depth of insight we deliver, and when they come to visit, we have fresh baked cookies waiting.

Stay tuned, as there’s more to come from the updated Advantage Research!


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