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Things you would never know unless you run your company football pool

For the first five weeks of the NFL season, the nickname of the away team of the Monday Night Football game began with the letter 'B' - Broncos, Browns, Bears, Bengals, Browns.

You are, right now, trying to understand for yourself how I would possibly notice this and what relevance it could possibly have. Or maybe you are not - but I will tell you anyway.

Each week when I program the survey for my company’s football pool, I manually type the names of the two Monday night teams in a question we use for our tiebreaker. Each week I pull up the survey from the previous week and use that as my starting point. I then open the tiebreaker question and replace the appropriate team name from the previous week with the team name for the current week (e.g. I replace "BENGALS" with "BROWNS").

Being the sloth typist but innovative stooge that I am, I am continually on the lookout for every little opportunity to type things in a more efficient manner than I otherwise would. This little quirk in the NFL schedule has allowed me to place the cursor in the second letter position in the previous team's name rather than re-type the entire name. For example, week 5, I only had to type "ROWNS" rather than "BROWNS." I kept the "B" from week 4 and only typed the rest.

Week 4, the first two letters matched! I only had to type "NGALS" rather than "BENGALS." The pot of gold was Week 2: "WNS" instead of "BROWNS" - thank you Broncos.

In fact, last Monday the Browns played their second Monday night game this year, and I had yet to type their full name, except in this crazy blog post of course. It has been great.

Seven characters saved in the first five weeks. Last night, the away team was the Lions, so I had to revert to typing the entire team name again. Sincere apologies to my co-workers for this causing the link to our football pool survey to come out later than normal.


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