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Saint Nicholas and the Gifts of Research

Father Joseph Marquis portraying St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas Day, usually observed on December 6th, is part of the Christmas season that celebrates Saint Nicholas as a bringer of gifts. The night before Saint Nicholas Day, children will leave a pair of shoes outside their bedroom doors or hang an empty stocking by the fireplace. The next morning, those children will find a gift, and maybe a sugary treat, in their shoes or stockings.

While not celebrated everywhere in the U.S., Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated in cities with strong German cultures...including Advantage Research's hometown of Milwaukee!

This Saint Nicholas Day, we at Advantage Research find ourselves reflecting on the ways in which good market research is like a gift from Saint Nicholas:

The gift of connection. Organizations that understand what brings their customers joy and where their pain points lie regularly outperform those who do not take the time to listen to their customers. Market research is an excellent way to bring the voice of your customer into your organization!

The gift of knowledge. Even organizations that do a good job listening to their customers are only hearing from a portion of the total market. Market research can help organizations learn about their competitors' strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities for growth, and uncover unmet needs for a new product or service that could change the market entirely.

The gift of reassurance. Launching new products or services is a major investment of time and resources for most organizations. Market research can provide objective third party information that helps the team to make important decisions and avoid costly mistakes during development.

When you're ready to give your organization the "gift" of research, reach out to us to start the conversation!


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