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Research Spotlight: Panels

What is a research panel?

A research panel is a group of people who have been recruited to meet a specific profile—homeowners who use the same products or services, workers in a specific discipline, parents with school-aged children, etc. Panel participants are recruited once and then kept engaged over a period of time with multiple exercises.

Research panels can be large enough to support full quantitative research studies, or small enough to only support small qualitative projects. The goals of each panel and the relative difficulty of finding panel members who fit the right profile will help to determine the appropriate panel size.

Why create a research panel?

The main advantage of creating a panel of research participants is that multiple research projects can be completed with the cost and effort of recruiting only having been undertaken one time, which significantly lowers both the cost and turnaround time for each project. Not having to recruit from scratch for each project saves time and money!

How do I get started?

Advantage Research has custom panels for clients in the past, including recruiting panelists, panel management and maintenance, and completing studies with panel members. If you think a research panel might make sense for your organization, contact us to get started!


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