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Our Favorite Things

Image courtesy of Patina & Paint

The approach of this holiday season and the end of 2022 has the staff here at Advantage Research in a festive mood! We thought you might enjoy hearing about a few of "Our Favorite Things" from the past year, with a little help from Rodgers and Hammerstein:


Cross-tabs all run and discussion guides written,

Clients 'round the country and some in Great Britain.

Zoom meetings and all the fun that they bring,

These are a few of our favorite things!

Discussion and feedback from clients is crucial,

Full focus groups and final questionnaire approval.

Max Diff and Conjoint and concept testing,

There are a few of our favorite things!

When those late nights,

And the no-shows,

Really make us sad.

We simply remember our favorite things,

And then we don't feel so bad!


Julie Andrews shares a non-research related and therefore less interesting version of the song with the Von Trapp children in "The Sound of Music"

Happy Holidays from all of us here in the Von Trapp family...I mean, from Advantage Research!


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