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Professionally, we believe in offering your company an advantage in the marketplace.

Personally, we believe in offering you an advantage over only one competitor: you, yourself. As a natural side effect of personal empowerment, one could be said to have an “advantage” over other individuals, perhaps. But this way of framing empowerment is false, a symptom of weakness and fear. Everyone can be better than who they were yesterday. The individual taking full responsibility for his or her own betterment is the essence of progress in civilization.

We do not believe in fostering division between people. In this blog, we strive to emphasize and embolden those aspects of our readers' identities that are powerful, hopeful, and loving. Perhaps by discovering each of our own individual power, we will exercise our ineffable and biologically unique ability to shape our world with intention. Let us each become radiant. Let us each shine a light on the goodness that is common to all humans.

When riding through the dark, don’t curse the night. Strike a light.


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