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Five Facts About Our Office

This year Advantage Research is celebrating 30 years in business, partnering with companies to deliver data driven insights. And while our clients are headquartered located around the world, our company is proud of our local roots in Germantown, Wisconsin. We’ve spent a few years in our current building and want to share some of its storied history with you.

Five Facts About Our Office:

1. “The Schwalbach” is named for John F. Schwalbach, a Wisconsin State Assemblyman, who built the house in 1878. John’s sister Louina was the great grandmother of Lori Gutbrod, our founder and president. Fun tidbit: Lori didn’t realize this until after she purchased the building!

2. In addition to its current use as a business, the building was once a farm—there’s a silo on the property. The home also served as a roadhouse in the early 1900s for those travelling to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin which is why the road where our office is located is called Fond du Lac Ave.

3. During its renovation, students attending the middle school down the street told us they thought the building was haunted. This theory holds, as some teammates working late can attest to bumps in the night. 👻

4. There’s a cistern in the basement which also serves as the intern’s office. (We kid. Or do we?)

5. Until 2017 there was no furnace or baseboard heat—it was only heated by wood burning stoves.

This is where all the research magic happens. Our offices are customized to each employee’s preferences. We also have collaborative workspaces to brainstorm questionnaires and storyboard our reports. With a full kitchen, we’re never hungry or thirsty as we conduct evening online focus groups or in-depth interviews. Having a comfortable environment to work in gives us the flexibility and focus to develop the top-notch research our clients have come to expect from us.

We’re always looking for reasons to hang out here more, so if you’re in need of qualitative or quantitative research and want to put us to work, we’d be happy to spend more time in the office! And if you’re ever in the area, let us know. We’d be happy to give you a tour!


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