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Case Study: Consulting Services

Several years ago, a multi-national B2B durable goods manufacturer contacted Advantage Research to review its customer satisfaction survey questionnaire and approach to analysis & reporting to look for opportunities for improvement.

This company manages their own customer satisfaction program in-house, and results are highly visible within the organization and play a role in driving corporate initiatives. Advantage provided several suggestions that the company was able to implement to improve their customer satisfaction survey program.

Recently this company reached out to Advantage again about their customer satisfaction program, this time with an eye towards improving engagement and response rates among its customers. After reviewing the program Advantage was able to provide several suggestions for the company that could improve both response rates and participants’ engagement with the survey.

Advantage Research is available to help internal resources to optimize their research efforts by providing expert guidance and insights into best practices in market research.

While we are a full-service research firm capable of managing projects every step of the way from inception to completion, Advantage can also serve as a resource on projects being managed internally.

If your team needs help with research for your organization, Advantage Research can recommend an approach that is right for you. Contact us today to start the conversation!


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