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  • Privacy

    • Advantage Research, Inc. conducts opinion surveys purely for market research purposes. Our research is never an attempt to sell you a product, advertise a product, or build a database for marketing products. You will never receive any type of follow-up sales solicitation as a result of participating in our surveys. We collect your email address only so that we can send invitations to individual surveys, to send your individual rewards, or to inform you if you are the winner of one of our drawings.  We will never use your email address or profile information for any other purpose, nor will we give or sell your email address or profile information to another party.

  • Confidentiality

    • Content of our surveys and information gathered in our surveys is the property of Advantage Research and survey sponsors. You agree to keep any information related to the surveys in which you participate confidential.

  • Participation

    • You understand and agree that your participation in any research survey for which you are paid a reward is voluntary. It does not constitute and should not be construed as employment by Advantage Research Inc, our clients, or any of our contractors or subcontractors. As a respondent, you shall only be eligible for an incentive upon qualification and honest, thoughtful completion of a given survey.

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