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Wisconsin Live Events

Attending live events is an important part of Wisconsin’s economy. People have an opportunity to socialize, eat out, and visit a part of the city or state that they otherwise might not.

COVID-19 and other current events have likely had an impact on people’s ability and willingness to attend live events.

What will happen in the next year? Will people return to live events they enjoyed in the past, or will their attitudes about COVID and other current events keep them from doing so?

Why purchase this study?


  • For live event organizations, study results will provide valuable insights into their current and future fan bases.

  • For live event sponsors, the study will provide insights about where advertising or promotional budgets should be spent to optimize audience reach around major live events.

  • For sports & event media, the study will provide insights about where fans are spending their time & money and how certain topics affect their engagement as fans.

Advantage Research Inc.

to conduct Live Events in Wisconsin Fan Study

Wisconsin-based Advantage Research, Inc. is conducting a study on the state of live events in Wisconsin.

The study will ask Wisconsin residents about...


          Live, TV, and radio consumption prior to and after COVID


        The impact of social and political activism on fan perceptions


         Intentions for TV, streaming, publication and other paid subscriptions


           Past and planned future spending on live events


         The impact of masks, temperature screening, COVID testing, and concerns for personal safety on fan perceptions


          Plans of season ticket holders to renew or cancel


        Participation in fantasy sports or gambling pre and post pandemic

For $2,500 you will receive a full report analyzing the results of the survey, as well as data tables with important cross-tabulations. You will also receive one custom question that will only be shared with you, and more custom questions can be purchased for a small additional fee.

Advantage plans to run this study again in 2022 to understand how the attitudes & behaviors of fans continued to evolve in 2021.

Please contact to sign up for the study or for more information!

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