Advantage Research invites you to join our marketing research consumer panel “Your Voice, Your Advantage”. Members of our panel are periodically recruited to participate in marketing research studies of various types. These could include focus groups or taste tests at our offices, in-home product tests, or brief surveys, either online or over the phone. By joining this panel you can make your voice heard by companies developing new products and play a key, influential role in determining which products go to market.  Click on the picture above to learn more.



With our experience and background in so many areas of research, we conduct:

  • Awareness, attitude, and usage studies.
  • Customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty studies.
  • Brand equity research.
  • Readership and communications studies.
  • Market structure and segmentation analysis.
  • Image and positioning research.
  • Employee attitude and satisfaction studies.
  • Concept testing, new product and product redesign studies.
  • Price elasticity and demand analysis.
  • Advertising effectiveness research.

Our research studies utilize focus groups, personal interviews, computer-aided telephone surveys, mail surveys, and on-line electronic surveys. We can help you determine if your problem requires a qualitative or quantitative solution. We provide expertise in both basic and multivariate statistical techniques. Our trained, in-house qualitative research experts have over 15 years of experience in moderating focus groups and in-depth personal and telephone interviews. We also have an expert recruiting program and use the most advanced software available for data tabulation, statistical analysis, and graphics. And, most importantly, critical to any research study is clear and understandable reporting of your results.

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